Create Your Personalized Facebook News Feed

Have you been having a frustrated relationship with Facebook lately – mostly over their tendency to turn a new application or feature ON for everyone, optoki and then make you spend precious time turning it off, blocking those crazy little applications, or hiding people’s updates on your News Feed?

What is the News Feed?

News Feed enables you to know all the events related to a Facebook acquaintance. On your profile page, you will receive a “feed” of the newest events produced by your friends and social groups’ interests whenever you log in.

I really wanted to be able to personalize my News Feed, and show only those friends whose feeds I wanted to see when I log into my Facebook account. The only newsheater obvious way to accomplish this was to click the ‘hide’ arrow on the right side of a feed for every Facebook friend whose updates I did NOT want to include.

Very time consuming.

But I discovered there is a fast and easy way to create your own personalized Facebook News Feed, and have it be the default newsfeed in your account.

If you’ve been frustrated by this as well, we have created a short video on our website showing you exactly how to do this in your Facebook account. You will find the link to access it at the bottom of this article.

Here’s a Shortcut to Customize your Facebook NewsFeed!

Another way to make sure you are seeing only the feeds of those whom you want to see is to create a special friends list with only those individuals in it.

Once you have that list, it will appear in the drop down menu on the left side of your page. Simply scroll down to it, grab it with your mouse, and drag it to the top of your left column. vpxco That becomes your new NewsFeed.


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