Create Animation on a Computer

We might think that cartoon animations are done with an incredible god-like technology. For people who don’t know how animations are made, they probably think no ordinary one can make create one. What they do not know is that animation can be done by just having a windows¬† computer together with a windows movie maker plus ideas for the scenes.

Consider the following steps for creating animations:

Before anything else, make sure that you are creating a unique version of a cartoon. kaufen sie k2 online Before starting with the sketching, you need to already have an idea of what your animated cartoon will be like, and the scenes are already stored in your mind from beginning to its end.

First thing to do is to collect all the scenes and create the plot for the cartoon. It will take a lot of drawings. You will first be making a story that consists of lines, sticks, and figures before the sounds. All of these are done in the computer. If drawing by hand is easier for you, then you can draw the scenes on paper then you can later scan them.

Second step is to save all of the created scenes into a single folder. Import them into the ‘windows’ movie maker’. After that, drag them from the gallery so that they will form into a movie. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfectly arranged, you can continue editing them afterwards.

Third step is to put everything in and try editing the parts you want to be edited or changed. There are buttons and editing options anime4up you are going to have in the windows movie maker software which can help you edit the animation as you like it.

Next step is to save the entire edited and fixed animated cartoon that you made. Save it with the file name as the title of your cartoon.

As you play the cartoon along in repeat, you may see some imperfections, but you can just continue to edit it as much as you want. Just be patient, because it will obviously take a lot of editing, but you will sure to perfectly get the right movements in the end.

Always try to make sure that the animation, transitions, and timing all come together perfectly. A poorly made cartoon will look just like a slideshow jiliko if you do not take time to edit it.


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