Guy Gets Girl – How Getting the Woman You Want is As Easy As Pie!

Admit it or not every guy had been in the situation of liking a girl but afraid of asking her out on a date. She could be a girl from your class, an officemate, or simply the girl next door – who ever she is the more you idolize this girl the lesser the chance you can be with her in the future. Here are some useful tips on how to get the girl of your dreams.

1. Be a challenge.
Nothing is sweeter than something you work hard for. Just like getting a piece of cake if you bought a cake from a store it taste sweet but there’s no satisfaction since there’s no tossncook challenge in it – but if you bought all the ingredients and made that “special” cake yourself then that’s the challenge. It’s the same with women if she’s surrounded with five guys all fighting to have her attention then there’s no challenge for her more likely she’ll just ignore them. Then who gets the attention… the guy from a distance who seem not to show interest at all. With curiosity she’ll be the one zmiiv to approach him and find out why he haven’t shown the same interest to her as the others did. Now that’s the challenge I am talking about and it works – it always does.

2. Immerse and be yourself.
If you’re the type of person who haven’t converse with the opposite sex your whole life then now’s the time to do it. There might be some mistakes but don’t fret after all these type of things hoodpay need some time to get used to – anyway as it goes practice makes perfect. On the other hand, if you’re already a pro in mingling with the female species then you most likely to know that being yourself in front of them is a must. Fakeness and untrustworthyness is not enjoyed by women – you can gain their trust by being true to yourself.

3. Be nice and gentle.
A gentleman personality is a must in getting a girl of your dreams. It is a fact that every women once dreamt of a their prince charming being gentleman and nice – so show rnkhabri off those moves and impress her. Remember that girls can sense if what your doing is just for gaining those handsome points and not for real.

4. Clean up.
Girls have different taste when it comes to choosing their partner. Some like the weirdo type, some like a professional look, and some finds bad boy types sexy but whatever their type of guy is there’s only one common point that girls like – a clean and good smelling guy. So put on those decent clothes, Rare movies on DVD shine your shoes, shave your mustache, have a haircut, and put on those good quality cologne – it might spell expense but believe me it worth the penny.

5. Be a friend.
Last and the most important thing is to be her friend. Most relationships starts with friendship it is the best way to gain her trust and to be comfortable with each other’s company; just be careful that she might think you are using the friendship to take advantage of her – going slow is not a bad thing … take it one step at a time.


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