Organize Your Craft Supplies by Personality Type

Do you keep current craft projects and needed supplies out where you can see them? Or do you put away your projects and craft supplies after every crafting session, even if your craft project is not completed?

Each scenario above relates to a specific personality type. Whether you are a visual right-brain thinker or an analytical left-brain thinker – or a combination of both – you can find ways to organize your craft supplies based on personality type.

Your Personality Type

The study of personality is a complex one. Several schools of thought exist on how to categorize people. For our purposes, we’ll keep it simple and divide into two types: analytical left-brain thinkers and visual right-brain thinkers.

First, figure out your personality type by reading the descriptions below. Most people fall predominantly into one or the other category, but if you discover you are equal parts of both, congratulations. You’ll easily incorporate craft organizing tips for both types.

Analytical Left-Brain Thinkers

Most information on how to organize craft supplies is tailored to analytical left-brain thinkers. This type is naturally organized, likes to plan ahead, and tends to be logical.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?


  • A place for everything and everything in its place.
  • I love my label maker.
  • Making lists is important, and I check items off one by one.
  • I don’t keep craft supplies that I no longer use.
  • I’m a great event planner because I am organized.
  • I prefer a clean, uncluttered desk top.
  • I love organizing sessions and stick with tasks until completed.


Visual Right-Brain Thinkers

Visual right-brain personality types are more spur-of-the-moment, milliondollarluxe like flexibility, and see the world in pictures. They are often viewed as disorganized and cluttered by their analytical friends.

Being a visual right-brain thinker is not a failure of the left-brain personality type. It’s simply a different way of moving through the world.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?


  • Rules are made to be broken.
  • Out of sight, out of mind.
  • I love bright colors and lots of visual interest.
  • I tend to lay items down wherever I am standing at the moment.
  • I must keep my craft supplies visible, achill3 or I forget about them.
  • A table filled with random craft supplies does not bother me.
  • I grow bored or overwhelmed with organizing sessions and often don’t finish.


Organize Craft Supplies by Personality Type

Now that you have a better idea of your personality type, take a look at these craft storage options.

Organization for Analytical Left-Brain Personalities

This personality type enjoys visual symmetry, order, and for craft supplies to be out of sight. Look for storage containers that are all the same size and color, preferably with a place on the front for a label, and then store in a closet or other concealed area. Research craft supply cabinets with multiple drawers and storage options.

Consider organizing craft supplies by specific type: all 5mm beads; all gel pens; Online Casino Slots all paper punches. Another option is to organize by project. For example, use a divided drawer insert to organize all items needed to make a necklace, knit a cap, or create specific holiday scrapbook pages.

Organization for Visual Right-Brain Personalities

This personality type loves visual stimulation and does well using storage options that are colorful, unique, and easy to see. Look for storage containers and rolling carts that are see-through. Use pegboards for storage of craft items that can be hung such as jewelry chains, rulers, and decorative scissors. Re-purpose items as unique storage options, like Valentine candy boxes or popcorn tins and arrange in decorative display.

Consider organizing craft supplies by color: all orange paper one place; all blue beads; all yellow yarn. Another option is to organize by function: all cutting tools; all knitting and crochet needles; all glitter. For more info please visit here:-


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